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Parrot Supplies Australia
5 Westerway St, Slacks Creek

Commences 2pm

Guest Speaker

Ann Allen
Living with Five Grey Parrots

With an acknowledged intellectual capacity of a five year old child and with the emotions of a two year old, African Greys are possibly the most desired - and challenging - parrots in Australian aviculture today.

So what is it like to live with five of them in a situation where they are bonded to you and treated as part of the family? Ann Allen will be speaking on the joys and problems associated with sharing her home with her flock of Greys and will give her insights on what she has learned during this time.

Annie's presentation will include some great photos, some Grey anecdotes as well as some practical and valuable tips for everyone hoping to help their birds to have a fulfilling life.

For more information see this months Magazine (click here).


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